With our game START-A-REVOLUTION well underway, I want to use the opportunity to clarify RLF’s current position and future plans.

In the recent past there have been quite a few misunderstandings about the direction of the company. I want to assure everyone that RLF has not changed directions. We are committed to raise money for our community’s goals through a unique range of lifestyle products.

Therefore I am happy to announce that in accordance with the plans of my predecessor and recent deals, we will expand our range with a new RLF shoe. The first shipment will arrive in time for the holiday season. This will be an all new opportunity for consumers to engage with RLF right now!

As we are rolling out this strategy we will consolidate the structure of our company. I am very well aware of my responsibility as CEO and therefore the current management board will be transformed in accordance with the new requirements as other activities will be finished and phased out as intended. This will make RLF a much leaner, more efficient company, streamlined for success in a global, changing market.

I am very happy to announce these changes today and I want to thank anyone who has supported RLF thus far. Please be patient as these new measures are taking place. We are still a small team, but we will focus ourselves on the things that are important: The shareholders and the consumers. RLF will be a better company for a better revolution!

Join us!


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